My New Favorite Organizing Thingy!

My New Favorite Organizing Thingy! Y’all!  I have found a wonderful product or drawer organizing that I want to share with you.  These wonderful drawer dividers have helped so much in our kitchen (and, lest ye think I have a vested interest, no, I’m not getting any money for this!)


I don’t usually suggest that clients purchase organizing items because most of the time we can repurpose a client’s existing items.  Plus, I believe we are stewards of the earth and reducing, reusing, recycling, or refusing is good for all of us.

I used the drawer dividers in our kitchen and waited a few months before posting in case I didn’t like something about them.

20140126_165650             20140126_165642

Wow, am I impressed.  They fit snug in the drawer and have remained in place the whole time.  The other thing I really like about them is that they are tall enough such that items will remain in the designated space without spilling over into another section.

20140126_171220                    20140126_171229 says you could use these in a garage, but I think inside the house would be easier.  I think that with the weight of tools sloshing around in a drawer, you might not find that the dividers stay in place.

Happy organizing!