A Lady and her Garage

A few weekends ago, I worked with Jen, a sweet friend of mine, on getting her garage organized.  Having converted a portion of her garage to a guest house, she had a 10’ x 25’ space remaining where she intended to keep her gardening tools and some of her crafting items.  (***Disclaimer*** What Jen calls crafts, the rest of us call home improvement projects!)

Here’s a before picture of the garage.

We pulled most of the items out of the garage and sorted them by type.

Some items went on freecycle.com and other items went to Goodwill.  Then I mailed her the donation receipt.

Here's the after picture.

Jen budgeted 4 hours of time, but we only ended up needing about 2.5 hours (which was nice giving the rising temperature!).

The garage looks great and now she has access to everything she needs.  Happy crafting!