How I Scheduled my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I checked my email on Sunday around 4pm to discover that my dear friend from high school (a Boston College alum) challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I'd seen the Ice Bucket Challenge floating around Facebook, but hadn't paid much attention.  What?!  I only had 24 hours to complete the challenge!? I had church at 5pm, dinner, and then out to celebrate a friend's birthday.  I had a long day scheduled for Monday, so I knew I wouldn't want to do it after I got home.  When was I going to get this done?

Sweet Husband and I left dinner a little early, limited ourselves to one drink to celebrate and then headed home.  On the way home, we planned how to do the challenge.  As he unloaded the car, I got the ice bucket ready.  We went outside and . . . . here's the result!

Taking a bit of time from your activities can mean a big impact for someone else.

ps.  You don't have to dump an ice bucket on your head to donate to the ALS Foundation, you can schedule it in now!  :)

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