How to Manage Phone Calls

I called a local organization and I left two messages, but no one ever called me back. I called the organization’s’ main number but I reached another voicemail.  I ended up playing phone tag for five days, leaving a detailed message each time. After going back and forth I finally received a message informing me that she was not the right person to contact and referred me to someone else! At this point, I’m wondering if this organization really even wanted my business! This person asked if I wanted to talk to someone in 6 weeks or now.  I’d been working on this for 19 days, so I went with the second option and he connected me with the person I needed to talk to.  I was finally able to get an answer to my question.

As a small business owner, I know how hard it is to get people interested in your organization.  Keep up with calls or direct callers to answers.  To avoid loss of business or interest because you were not able to get back to the caller, here are some tips for phone calls at work.

Tip 1: Keep an electronic log of calls. By keeping an electronic log (Excel would be great for this) you will be able to record key notes of what was said during the phone conversation. These notes could later be referred to if confusion arises.

Tip 2: If on vacation, have an “out of office” message. Inform callers of when you will be out due to prior engagements and your intention of checking messages while you’re gone. Doing so will assure callers that you are not ignoring their phone call.

Tip 3: Make a note in your calendar if follow-up is needed. We all forget things, so it would be extremely easy to forget this! As soon as the conversation deems the need for a follow-up call, jot it down in your calendar. This attention to detail will leave a positive, lasting impression.