How to Make the Most out of Your Days

How do I keep track of everything?

Last week I had what seemed hundreds of things to do; I had a morning meeting, another meeting following it, attending to emails, errands and a dinner with friends amongst other little things.  It surely was a busy day.  Easily one of the tasks needed to be completed could have slipped my mind but luckily I kept referring back to my calendar to make sure I was on track. And each time that I was done with something I would cross it out, making me feel great! It is no easy task remembering every little thing you need to do and sometimes without the appropriate means of planning, your days may become unnecessarily stressful. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your days and keep track of everything.

Tip 1: As events come up, immediately add them to your calendar.  As you get invitations or notifications of events, add them to your calendar.  Also, toward the end of the month, jot down weekly / monthly meetings, volunteer obligations, etc.  Add in birthdays and anniversaries happening in that month so that you are reminded to wish your friend, family member, boss or colleague a happy birthday!

Tip 2: Color code your calendar and/or use stickers. Assign a specific color to each different responsibility you have and be consistent. Make a key with the colors picked and add a small description next to it to help you remember what exactly it is for. This way you can see the different events you have going on each day. You can even use stickers! I once bought a planner that included a variety of handy stickers that also served as reminders, the stickers said “date night”, “pay bills”, “volunteer” and “veterinarian.”  I easily placed them on the date in which that particular activity was going to take place.

Tip 3: Check your calendar in the morning before starting your day and in the evening. Check your calendar in the morning before you go about your day to make sure that you are not forgetting something for later in that day. Also, I suggest checking it in the evening when you have a chance so that you can have time to visualize your upcoming day and prepare for it so that it won’t take you by surprise.

The importance of having and keeping up with a calendar is unlike any other for it aids you in managing your time, being prepared and reducing your stress. Sometimes when I forget to look at my calendar and think I have everything in the old noggin I am taken aback because I realize there was at least one little task I missed because I simply did not check what I had going on in that day or did not prepare well for it.