Guest Blogger - John

Hi!  John here.  Allison's husband.  Allison has been a great help in organizing my email inbox.  Admittedly, I was a little reluctant at first to take on a new system and I can get "stuck in my ways".   But Allison took the time to explain why a new system is important for my email.  She uncovered the truth that I was receiving way too many newsletters and junk mail to be able to notice when an important email arrives.   Also, I didn't realize that all of the clutter in the inbox was causing me stress by looking at the mountains of unopened email messages.

Allison created a system for handling the situation.  We made a time every Sunday to handle 7 things.  The 7 things started out by going through the email and deleting large sections of unnecessary email messages and unsubscribing from email lists.  For example, we would delete 3 large sections of email and have my address removed from 4 email lists.

As the weeks progressed, we saw the improvements in my inbox as I was actually able to see the results.  The amount of email that I received went down significantly and I had a smaller number of emails in my inbox to go through.  Email messages are no longer missed for days or weeks.  Thanks to my sweet wife for helping me to improve my efficiency.

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