Frozen - the food, not the movie

Because Sweet Husband and I had a busy Fall schedule, for the last few months I’ve been experimenting with freezing dinners.  I’ve had some successes and some not-so-much successes.  I’ve read several blogs and one book that had the lofty plan of cooking and freezing for an entire month at one time.  I did not move forward with the latter.

However, at one point, in the span of two days, I made six meals and froze five of them.  This has saved us some much time!  I’ve got two tips to pass along:

Tip #1:  As you find the recipes that you’re going to make, pick one that goes in the oven, one that uses the stovetop, and one that cooks in the slowcooker.  Basically, I start the slowcooker first thing in the morning.  I then move to the dish that goes in the oven.  When I finished preparing the oven dish and got it cooking, I start on the stovetop dish.  Generally, I finished all of the cooking before lunch and then allowed the food to cool to the point when I could put the food in the freezer-safe re-usable containers.

Here are some of the ingredients:


Here are two of the meals:  Mexican Chili and Lasagna.


Tip #2:  Join (or start) a meal freezing group.  I was lucky enough to join an existing group, but you could easily create one.  Four members is a reasonable number of people in the group because it doesn’t require members to make an unwieldy amount of food.  My group had a soup / stew theme for the first month.  Each person makes 4 batches of the recipe (one to keep and three to give to the other members).  The second month, I didn't participate because I already had enough in the freezer, but I jump back in when the freezer is low.

As to the crunch time between getting home from work and getting dinner ready, I say, frozen foods bring more time for you and your family to . . .  (you knew this was coming) Let it Go!

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