How to keep your Resolutions in 2015

resolutions It’s been 35 days since you set those New Year’s resolutions. How are they going?

Okay, I’ll go first. My resolution is not going very’s why. I got it into my head to start working with a trainer a week before Christmas in the hope that my physical goals would be easier to keep in the new year. Looking back, that was kind of a bad idea.

My trainer, who is kind enough to check in with me between sessions, asked how I was progressing. I think my exact words were, “Terrible. Just terrible.” Her response was something so genius that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself.

She said, “Put it in your planner.  Make an appointment with yourself.”  Yep--seeing that commitment on paper has made my commitment much easier to maintain. I’m not saying that it’s been perfect, but certainly much better.

Here are other tips for keeping up with your 2015 resolutions:

Start small.  Instead of setting a big goal, failing, kicking yourself for failing, and then quitting altogether, start with a smaller goal and then ramp it up gradually. For instance, don’t say that you want to work out six days a week. Just set a goal to work out once a week, and then increase your goal every three weeks (e.g., longer runs, another day at the gym, walking with a friend, etc.).

Tell someone.  Studies show that sharing your intention with someone creates some inherent accountability. When someone knows what our goals are, we are more likely to accomplish the task so that we can save face. There’s a chance that the person will ask you about your progress. In fact, tell me. I’ll cheer you on!