It’s National Library Week, Y’all!

20150405_155431 This is a picture of the books currently residing on my nightstand.  I used to have a rule that I read only one book at a time, but now I just read what I’m in the mood for that evening before bed (hence the large stacks of half-finished books!).

Now, you might be wondering how National Library Week has anything to do with organizing.  Well . . . I’m going to tell you!

  1. I’m pretty sure that searching through those beautiful, wonderful (now old-timey) card catalogs set me on a path of becoming an organizer.  My heart swelled each time my fingers reverently touched the topics and cross topics and neat typewriter-created letters.  I can still smell those cards and feel the perforated edges as I researched a topic.
  2. My library card got me out of debt.  As I worked through my debt snowball and whittled my debt down each month, I read everything I could get my hands on about responsible stewardship of my finances.  Also, instead of buying books that I wanted to read, I checked them out.  Yes, sometimes I was on the hold list, but that was $15 more that I could put toward debt.
  3. My library card helped me start this business.  When I started investigating opening a small business, I began checking out business book after business book.  Finishing a book, I would immediately start another one, reading an author’s complete oeuvre if I liked the ideas.

Go through your books and take the ones you no longer need to the library.  While you’re there, thank your librarian and check out a book.  You never know what ideas might be sparked!