Interview with Cary Walker, Owner of Carried Away Travel Consulting

Travel season is upon us! This is one of my favorite times of the year!  I love planning and preparing for summer vacation. I love the smell of travel books and sunscreen in the air.  I love the sound of the ocean meeting the sand. I interviewed Cary Walker who is a travel guide with Rick Steves and also owns a travel consulting company called Carried Away.  Carried Away helps clients plan European vacations.


How in the world (get it?) did you get to travel for a living?

I was in Paris one summer when I was a teacher and I saw a US couple who clearly needed some travel help. They had spent way too much money to be wasting time sitting in a cafe determining what to do with their limited time. I knew that I could help these people and others like them find ways to have meaningful memories on their vacations.

How do you keep track of everything you want to see in a city?

I like using Evernote as a means of keeping track of information. Evernote has the ability to tag information by the city or country you're visiting. I can even take pictures of street signs or business card and link those back to the cities that I'm going to be in later.  The information keeps accumulating so I can look at everything in one place when I am ready to make decisions.

How can people better keep track of their travel documents?

I take a picture and scan my credit card and passport. I keep a paper copy in my bag as well. That way, no matter where I am, I have access to the information should something happen.

What do people need (and forget) to bring on vacation?

I think the most important thing people need to bring is a way of storing your money safely. I use a neck belt that I can carry crossways under my clothing. There's just too much petty theft going on to ruin your vacation by not planning ahead.

What can we do to make our trips memorable?

Definitely interact with a local culture!  Rick Steves says that extroverts always have more fun while travelling. Why leave the US if you're going to stay in American hotel, eat American food and speak only to Americans? If you plan beforehand you'll have a much more memorable experience interacting with the culture.

Traveling mercies to all of you!