4 Things to do before Surgery . . .Trust me

20150503_123631 (1)  Here's me post surgery (hair styling complements of Sweet Husband!) This blog topic is close to my heart (hand). As you can see from the picture, I recently had surgery. Nothing major, so I'm definitely grateful about that. Thankfully, the worst thing that has happened is unintentionally being called on in meetings because I have to keep my hand above my heart.

My surgery was scheduled more quickly than I intended (and that is decidedly not my style).  Before I went in for surgery, I spent a few hours planning ahead so that when I was recovering I would have a bit easier time.  Here are 4 tips that can help you recover more peacefully: 1. Clear your calendar I looked at my calendar for the day of my surgery as well as the following two work days.  I completed anything that I needed to do on those days, so that I could rest for the first few days. Any calls I needed to make and meetings I need to have, I took care of prior to surgery. 2. Inform upcoming obligations of your surgery For anything scheduled during the second week after my surgery, I informed people ahead of time that I would be a bit incapacitated for those obligations. I didn’t want to show up to a meeting with a giant bandage and shock people.  I didn’t feel that I owed anyone a detailed explanation, but I did want to let them know ahead of time that I might be a little limited as to what I could do that week. 3. Schedule downtime Because I wanted to make sure that I healed as quickly and as fully as possible, I had to make sure that I didn't push myself too far (this is usually the case with me).  I scheduled blocks of time where I could read books, talk on the phone or do other tasks that didn't require me to exert a lot of energy. Sweet Husband even downloaded the Google Voice app that allowed me to dictate into my phone, so that I didn’t have to type much. In fact, I'm using it right now! 4. Plan meals in advance This one is certainly a do as I say not as I do. I planned a few meals in advance, but I really should have done far more than I did. I wish that I had frozen more food so that we weren't so stressed at the end of the day preparing for dinner and packing lunches.

Hopefully you will never need to use these suggestions personally!  Maybe you can help someone else experience a smooth recovery by taking these tips to heart (and hand).