Happy are we



Here is the phrase on our powder room wall.

I have read several of Margaret Feinberg’s books in the last few months.  The most recent one I've read, “Fight Back with Joy,” is a reflection on her breast cancer diagnosis.  Even on the most gut-wrenchingly debilitating days, she describes her attempts to fight back with joy.

In one chapter, Feinberg recounts meeting a stranger at a flea market and entering into a discussion about the woman’s house decor.  The lady was purchasing letters to complete the phrase “Happy are we” for her living room wall.  Feinberg then recounts what we might put on our walls if we were really honest with ourselves.  Here are some of the ones she listed:

“Busy Are We

Tired Are We

Striving Are We

Anxious Are We

Frustrated Are We

Stuck Are We

Discontent Are We

Restless Are We”

Wow.  That really hit me.  She’s right.  We talk about happiness, but do our schedules reflect something different?  Do our schedules reflect busy and not joy?  These words hit home even more for me when I went to a women’s Bible study a few days later.  More on that next week.