Does your worth come from your busy-ness?

Do I need more time here?  Um.  Probably.


What?  No.  That’s crazy.  [moments pass]  Um.  Maybe?  [moments pass]  Yes?  Get out of my head, woman!

These were the barrage of thoughts that came to me when the leader of my women’s Bible study posed the question in the title of this blog last week.  The week’s theme was simplicity (a topic near and dear to my heart).  I did not expect that question though.

If I am honest with myself, I sometimes find myself busy for the sake of busy.  Not all of the time. Sometimes I do have a lot to do.  Sometimes I do want to engage with the important people in my life.  Sometimes I do just need to move around or I become one with the couch.  However, sometimes I do find myself inventing projects around the house.  As Sweet Husband says, “there is no more dangerous time at our house than when Allison is bored.”

Is my restlessness a function of not being able to sit still?  The week before, when we were challenged to try different forms of prayer, out of the five we tried, the one that I told myself I “didn’t have time for” was the one asking us to sit in solitude and in silence.

To force myself to look at the busy-ness of my life, I’ve added an entry to my calendar (ha ha).  The entry simply asks the same question as the title of this blog.  Hopefully, it will give me pause each week to ensure that I am making time for those activities that are of greatest importance in my life.

I'll keep you posted!