Y’all.  As I typed a quote into Facebook for a future post, I found that the spellchecker flagged the word “intentionality” as unknown.  Then, I typed the same word into my media calendar (where I track all of my social media posts) and google calendar didn’t recognize the word.  Currently, I am typing the draft of his blog in google documents and the title has that annoying little red squiggly line under it. It’s not that I’m a stellar speller.  In fact, at least once a month I have to call my mother for the correct spelling of the word because spellchecker gives up and can’t offer me any suggestions.

What worries me is that, as a society, we haven’t embraced intentionality.  What worries is that it is not a real word, but I will ignore that for now because Wikipedia says that it is.

Using my calendar effectively helps me with my intentionality.  I put EVERYTHING into the calendar (address, attire, items to bring, discussion topics, etc.) in the entry.  This way, when I do my weekly review on Saturday, I can be prepared for the events during the week.  The intentionality of preparing the week allows me to relax and enjoy the week’s activities instead of creating anxiety.

What are ways that you practice intentionality?