Banana Slicers and Kitchen Timers


During church this morning, our pastor talked about banana slicers and related their existence to how we tend to over-complicate our lives.  Then, Sweet Husband reminded me that I was to take the attendance count that morning (for the first time).  Jumping out of my seat, I walked around counting as quickly (and discreetly) as I could, missing the last portion of the sermon.

Now.  I know my mind should have been on spiritual things, but the reality was that our pastor’s sermon got me thinking about the organizing seminars I give.   

I had 8 organizing seminars scheduled for October 2015.  Occasionally, when I start a seminar, fear overwhelms me and I wonder if people will walk out feeling as though their time was well-spent.  Did they get something out of the simple tips I offered?  Or, did they expect bunch of banana slicer-esque tips that will ultimately complicate their lives even further?  Because I’m not all about those kinds of tips.

Because truly, the tip I return to over and over is to set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and get started.  Because anyone can do anything for 15 minutes.  Even throw out a banana slicer.

Sass, TipsAllison Venuto