New Reminder Feature in Google Calendar App

Dear Google, I could not organize my life without many of your products and for that I must say thank you.  Although, I am sometimes creeped out by the fact that you seem to be able to read my mind.  That, however, is another post.

Sadly, I must say that I am not a fan of the new remind feature in your calendar app for Android.  My reasons are multifaceted, but the biggest one is that the feature seems to create a disjointed organizing system.

I ask my clients to combine all of their calendars and to do lists into one calendar system (frequently yours!).  Any item that needs to get done in a day gets an entry in the calendar.  If clients start setting reminders, it’s as though they are pulling apart those lists again because reminders can only be set from one’s phone and do not show on the desktop version of the calendar, thereby creating two different calendaring systems.  Once the reminders are in the past, they combine into one entry, making them hard to read.

By putting all items into one calendaring system we can see all of our tasks for the day in one place and begin to check them off.  The disjointed system of reminders does not help me to trust my calendar system.  And trusting one’s calendaring system is what it’s all about!

Sorry, Google.  If you want to work on an update, I’d be happy to help!  :)


Here are some screenshots of how the system works (poorly)