How to organize a sock drawer

When the weather turns cold, it inspires me to organize small spaces.  In fact, I was organizing my pantry on a cold day in January 2011, when I decided to start Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing. Back to the socks.  In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, readers are asked to roll their socks instead of fold the edges down, so I decided to try that in my own sock drawer prior to asking a client to do the same.  

I pulled my sock drawer out to the living room and started the project while watching How to Marry a Millionaire.  I should clarify here that I mean the classic movie and not the reality show (which former roommate E thought I was watching and I was a little offended by).  


I started by making some overdue donations to the garage where Sweet Husband uses old towels, tshirts, and (now) socks to clean after homebrewing.  I took out socks with holes, socks that my shoes typically eat, and anything that didn’t have a match.

Then, I divided the remaining by colors: brown, black and white.


I had a small box leftover from an Amazon delivery earlier that evening, so I cut the wings (is that what you call them?) and put it into the drawer:


As you can see, I didn’t roll the socks because I thought that rolling them would make them more likely to get tussled in the drawer.  I understand the point of rolling them though.  It allows you to see all of your choices as you get dressed.  

Thankfully, I live in Texas, so we don’t wear socks for too much of the year.  When we do wear them, they are hidden under boots . . . you know . . . that we use to ride our horses around our ranches.  

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