What to do with Christmas cards

I'll admit that I had Christmas cards up until a couple of weeks ago.  As a huge fan (and frequent supporter) of old-fashioned mail, I just couldn't bring myself to take them down.  Seeing familiar faces as I walk through the house brings a smile to my face. To hang on to them a bit longer, I put one in each of the books that I had on my bedside table as bookmarks.  I selected the newly-christened bookmark based on the type of book I had.


For example, I put the title of this book on my reading list while on a recent trip to Australia, so I put my favorite travel buddy's Christmas card as a bookmark.

Thinking of her and praying for her family each time I pick up the book, makes me feel connected despite the miles.  Sadly, when I'm done with the book, I'll recycle the card, but it will have been nice to have a reading (and travel) buddy there for awhile longer.

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