Three Tips to Help with Kin-keeping

A sweet friend posted this article about kin-keeping a few weeks ago.  I hadn't heard of the term before, but basically it's the term given to keeping up with friends and family.  I've been thinking about it for awhile because, at first, I wasn't really sure that this was the dynamic between Sweet Husband and I.

Last night, turned on a movie and sat down to write cards to some family and some people who feel like family.  I wrote 10 cards.  Sweet Husband wrote 1.

Ok.  Maybe it's more of the dynamic that I thought.  We have a relatively small family, so I'm, sure that if we had a larger one, I would feel the dynamic even more.

Tip 1.  Share your calendar.  Others probably want to help, but might not know the event is upcoming.

Tip 2:  Set annual events to recur.  This is easily done with a click in an electronic calendar.  With a paper calendar, use a certain color pen to denote annual events and celebrations.

Tip 3:  Set up a gift shelf / bin / closet.  Keep gifts, wrapping paper, and cards together, so others can help.  In the last couple of years, two of my friends had their children write me cards (one for my birthday and one with a beloved kitty went to Kitty Heaven).  Fostering creativity while offering children an opportunity to give to others is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Kin-keeping may never shift to 50-50 in our house, but we can help each other with a few organized steps.


ps.  These are from my adorable nephew who said the first is of me.  The second is bookshelves because I like to organize and the last one is a duck.  Duh.  :)

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