How do you Sabbath?

Sweet husband and I went out of town last weekend to visit a beach and see how it was doing. 20160602_222642

While our cat was none too pleased, we sure were.  As the car sped down the highway, we talked about how we didn't really do much while we were gone and I said that we could have done nothing at home.

Sweet Husband quickly objected saying that there was no way we would have sat and done nothing for many days at home.  This led us to a discussion on what intentional Sabbath might look like in our lives.  We didn't reach any conclusions, but the discussion stayed with me many days later.

On the way home, we made an unscheduled stop at a mission in Goliad.


Walking around historical sites and considering life hundreds of years ago relaxes me.

My mind wondered back to Sweet Husband's comments.  He's right.  I never would have sat still for 3 hours, much less 3 days.  I can fill time with busy-ness like no one ever.  I'm sad to say that he might be picking up some of my bad habits.

What does Sabbath look like for you?  How do you intentionally relax and recharge during the week?