3 Things your Children can do to Help you Move

This week I worked with a client who was moving to the Dallas area after 16 years of living out of state.  Her entire household, husband, herself and 2 kids moved thousands of miles in the July heat!

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.53.31 PM

She asked me to come over and help her set up the kitchen in her new home. We finished the task early, so we were able to move on to other areas of the house.  We weren't able to finish everything in the other areas, but at least she has a plan.

What struck me was working with her were a few comments she made about how her kids got involved in the moving and organizing process.  Here were a few things she did:

1. Label rooms:  She asked her eldest child to label all the rooms in the house so the movers would know where to put the boxes.

2. Color bedrooms:  Because there are multiple bedrooms in the house, she asked youngest to color the labels on the bedrooms so the movers would know what items went in which bedroom.

3. Unpacking toys:  She asked her kids to start unpacking some of their toys and putting them away.  This not only helped the kids know where the items were, but it also helped them practice organizational skills.

I really enjoyed working with this client and I look forward to working with her again as we continue to strategically set up her house such that her family will feel happy, productive, and excited about their new move to Dallas.