Summer of Being Still

Summer of Being Still I'm not so much good at being still.  In Sweet Husband's words when I get bored, life gets harder for him.

This summer, I'm intentionally trying to find more time for quiet in my life.  Each morning, I decided to set aside time for quiet after delving into a devotional.  A sweet friend in my small group gave me a DVD devotional called Be Still that helped viewers learn how to listen to God.  As a side note, the devotional lists Judge Reinhold as one of the producers (and it's the same one from the Beverly Hills Cop series!!!).

See.  Perfect example that I struggle to still myself and focus on one thing at a time.

I reached the end of the series last week and came to the last section of the participant's guide wherein the authors suggest tips to help us continue with the silence.

Two of them stuck out to me:  "declutter your quiet time area" and "[I]f things pop into your head while you are trying to be still with God, write them down and set them aside."

Those words hit home.  Daily, I talk to clients about building aspects of those two habits into their lives, yet, it seems like I need to take my own words to heart in this area of my life.

How do you find quiet?

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