Are you in a Hurry to get Things Done too?

Each morning when I was in middle school, my parents would sleepily converge on the kitchen to say bye as I ran out of the house on the way to volleyball practice before school.  My kind father would pick up Tana and we would drive to the gym listening to Alabama's "I'm in a hurry to get things done." As an adult, I'm amazed that both of my parents got up each and every morning (when really only one of them was needed).

Also, as an adult, I listened to the words of Alabama's "I'm in a hurry to get things done" and wonder if much has changed about my speed of life as an adult.

The lyric "I rush and rush until life's no fun" sticks out at me because there are weeks, such as this one, where I could swear that it was Thursday due to how tired I am, but it is only Tuesday.

What am I really accomplishing?  Am I leaving time for the fun?

I realized this week that I'm not.  So, I have a swath of time on my calendar called "PLAN NOTHING HERE."  It's my reminder to find some fun.

SassAllison Venuto