Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ducks in a Row’s philosophy of organization?

Ducks in a Row works with a client to determine the skills that the client would like to build.  We offer assistance in building those skills and desire create results such that Ducks in a Row worked itself out of a job!


What benefits should I expect as a result of working with an organizer?

From working with an organizer you should expect a skilled, experienced person with a professional demeanor.  Organizers should offer various suggestions from which the client can choose the best option.


Why are sessions 2 to 3 hours long?

Usually, 2 to 3 hours is long enough for a client to see true progress on a project / skill and not so long as to become overwhelmed.  Multiple sessions may be required depending on a client’s goals.


Will I have follow-up work after a session?

Generally, yes.  Ducks in a Row organizers may ask a client to complete certain tasks or implement skills in between sessions.  This helps build new skills and keeps the client’s costs of organizing services lower.


Will you remove unwanted items at the end of a session?

Depending on the size of the items, most items can be donated or recycled at no additional charge.  There is a charge of $20 per standard copy paper box for shredding.


Will my information remain confidential?

Yes.  If pictures or stories are used, the client’s name will remain confidential.


 May I ask for help with a service not listed on the website?

Yes, please feel free to ask for organizing services not listed on the website.  If a project request is not within the skills of the Ducks in a Row organizers, we will do our best to offer you contact information of a quality specialist.


I’ve read a lot of books about organizing.  Why can’t I just do this myself?

Often times working with a personal organizer can help you find new ways of looking at your spaces and/or systems.  The camaraderie that is formed when people work together can be empowering.  Frequently, the accountability that comes from the relationship spurs clients to find a great deal of success on the original project and in other areas as well.


What credentials do you have?

I am a licensed teacher in the State of Texas.  I am a certified mediator with the State of Texas.  I have a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from SMU.  I completed Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training.  Completion of this last training does not make me an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give me the right to speak for or bind him, nor constitute an endorsement by him.


Do you support local non-profit organizations?

Yes, Ducks in a Row donates time, money, and items to numerous local charities.  Please contact us if we can serve a cause close to your heart with a donation.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, further information is available upon request.


Do you have any references?

Yes, contact information for references is available upon request.